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Lahana & hahana - Tragoudotsoulithres, Tasos Ioannidis
Lahana & hahana - Tragoudotsoulithres, Tasos Ioannidis
10.00 €
Nikolas Asimos was born in Thessaloniki. Both his parents were from Kozani. He was very eager for learning as a young man. In 1967 he enrolls in the Philosophical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He was often involved with theater during his college years, while he was writing songs and he was singing in various boîtes of Thessaloniki.
He often had problems with the police, particularly during the period of military rule — junta — in Greece and the consequent restriction on civil liberties, i.e., freedom of expression, that such regimes enforce.
In 1973 he moves to Athens from Thessaloniki; he continued to be involved in theatre and he graduated from a private theatre school. He wrote songs which were not recorded officially, but in private, on tapes that he would then sell on the streets of Athens. He performed in boîtes around Plaka along with Giannis Zouganelis and Sakis Boulas, inter alia. His first encounter with official recording was in 1974 with the single Romios - Michanismos (Ρωμιός - Μηχανισμός). In 1976 he had a daughter with Lillian Charitaki with whom he was not married.
In 1977 he was temporarily imprisoned along with 5 other editors and writers. They were all released by initiative of Dionysis Savvopoulos. In 1978 he was drafted in the Greek army. However he did not serve but was relieved for psychological reasons. He wrote his book Anazitontas Krokantropous (Αναζητώντας Κροκανθρώπους) which was never officially published, but was circulated by himself in photocopies. In his later years and after his death, the book was also made available by a publishing house. In 1982 he released his long play record titled O Ksanapes (Ο Ξαναπές). In 1987 he was wrongfully accused for the rape of an ex-girlfriend and was violently led to a mental institution.
Shortly after he was sent to Korydallos Prison and was later bailed out. He never managed to overcome his bitterness over this unfounded charge. The outstanding trial along with other personal problems accumulated and this affected his psychological state profoundly. After two failed attempts, he committed suicide by hanging on 17 March 1988 in his house which he used to call preparation area. It is rumored that he kept a diary during the last 15 days of his life in which he looked for something worth living for in his life. He marked the pages with an "X" which meant that he had not found anything worth living for. The 15th day was also marked with an "X" which is the day he hanged himself.
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