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O lele, Vasilis Nitsiakos - Soulis Liakos - Makis Seviloglou - Book & cd
O lele, Vasilis Nitsiakos - Soulis Liakos - Makis Seviloglou - Book & cd
20.00 €
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53.00 €

Title: Jerusalem

Jerusalem is simultaneously a Jewish, Arab and Christian city - a city of pilgrimage,
exile and refuge. The project, the result of many years of fastidious research by Savall
and Israeli musician Yair Dalal, aims to present many aspects of this city through the musical
traditions of all three monotheistic religions. By bringing together the music of these seemingly
disparate cultures without blurring their boundaries, Savall and Dalal demonstrate that they are in
fact intimately related. This amazing two super-audio CD set is accompanied by a 400 page
multi-language book that features discussions about the history, cultural background
and other aspects of the musical selections.




Fanfare of Jericho, 1200 av. B.C.
1. Heavenly Peace:The Prophets of the Apocalypse
and of the Last Judgment
2. The Sibylline Oracles (3rd century B.C.)
Jewish sources, Aramaic music
3. Introduction (Ney & percussion)
4. The Koran: Bismi Al.la ar Rahman (7th Century)
Fatihah Sura I, 2-7. Sufi sources
5. Postludium (qanun)
6. Revelation VI, 12-3 Audi pontus (12th century)
corresponding to the Cathar Gospel of Pseudo-John V
7. Postludium (medieval harp)
II Jerusalem, Jewish city, 1000 BC-AD 70
King David makes Jerusalem the capital of the unified kingdom of Judah and Israel
8. Shofars call
9. Prayer for Jerusalem
10. Instrumental dance
Liberation of the city by Maccabeans, 164 B.C.
11. The Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122) - The Psalms of King David (10th Century B.C.)
12. Rabbi Akiva goes to Jerusalem Talmud, Makkot 24b
13. Song of Exile (Psalm 137, 1-6)
Destruction of the Temple and Diaspora,A.D. 70
14. Instrumental lament (shofars)
III Jerusalem, a Christian city, 326 - 1244
15. Stavrotheotokia
(Hymn to the Virgin at the foot of the Cross)
Attributed to Emperor Leo VI, 886-912
Queen Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine is in Jerusalem,A.D. 326
16. Fanfare "Pax in nomine Domine"
17. Pope Urban II, First call to the Crusade, 1095
Recited text in French
18. Crusaders' song: Pax in nomine Domini
Marcabru (1100-1150) - 1st Crusade
19. Crusaders' song: Chevalier, mult estes guaritz, 1146
Anonymous 12th Century - 2nd Crusade
20. Conductus : O totius Asie - Anonymous (s. XIII)
21. Planctus " Pax in Nomine Domini "
The Crusaders lose Jerusalem to Saladin Instrumental
Iva Jerusalem, a city of pilgrimage, 383 - 1326
22. The Dome of the Rock - Ibn Battuta (1304-ca.1377)
23. Zionida: Beautiful city, delight of the world
Judah Ha-Levy (1075-1141)



1. Vb Jerusalem, city of pilgrimage, 383 - 1326
Cantiga de Santa Maria: Offondo do mar tan chao
Alfonso X the Wise (1121-1284) CSM383
V Jerusalem,Arabic & Ottoman city, 1244-1917
Arabic city, 1244 - 1516
2. Prelude (Oud)
3. The Koran, Sura XVII, 1-Mohammed ascends to heaven from the Temple Mount
4. Danse of the Soma
5. Sallatu Allah - Arabic tradition
Ottoman city, 1517 - 1917
6. Makam Uzal Sakil "Turna"
Ottoman mss. of Kantemiroglu (17th century)
7. Suleyman the Magnificent's dream, 1520 legend
Recited text in Turkish
8. Warrior's march (Anonymous Ottoman)The Ottoman Conquest of Jerusalem, 1517
VI Jerusalem, Land of Refuge & Exile, 15-20thC
9. Palestina hermoza y Santa - Anonymous Sephardic
10. Palestinian Lament - Anonymous
11. Andouni Armenian Lament, 1915 - Anonymous
12. El male rahamim (Hymn to the victims of Auschwitz),
1941 Historical recording by Shlomo Katz, 1950
13. Funeral March Instrumental
VII Earthly peace: a duty and a utopia.A plea for peace
14. Instrumental Dialogue
15. A plea for peace in Arabic
16. Adonay Prayer for peace in Hebrew
17. A plea for peace in Armenian
18. Da Pacem (Gregorian)
Dialogue of songs
19. Apo xeno meros (in Greek) - Anonym (Oral Tradition)
20. Ghazal (in Arabic)
21. Ghazal (in Hebrew)
22. Ghazal (Palestine)
23. Siente Hermosa (ladino)
24. Apo xeno meros (in Greek) Gregorian Chorus
25. Durme, hermoza donzella (ladino)
26. Ghazal (in Arabic, Greek & Hebrew)
27. Ghazal (instrumental, Morocco)
28. Final Ensemble (tutti)
29. Final fanfare "Against the barriers of the Spirit"

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